Independent Spirit Awards Nominations: A Look At The Best Indie Films Of 2007

The Independent Spirit Awards nominees have been announced, but the award show celebrating indie film doesn't happen until February 23rd of next year. The Indie Spirit Awards nominations are a great list of films and performances that is perfect for you to explore. Look over the list below, thanks to our friends at FirstShowing. And feel free to add some of these movies to your Netflix queue, although as usual, most of the films are either now playing or hitting theater screens in December/January (depending on what part of the country you may live in).

My recommendations from the list are: Juno (which is probably the best movie of the year), The Lookout, Rocket Science, The Savages, Interview, Waitress and Once.

Juno obviously makes more than a few appearances on the nominee list (four to be exact), but the movie is SHOCKINGLY absent from the Best Screenplay category. Check out the list after the jump.

BEST FEATUREThe Diving Bell and the Butterfly [IMDb]I'm Not There [IMDb]Juno [IMDb]A Mighty Heart [IMDb]Paranoid Park [IMDb]BEST FIRST FEATURE2 Days in Paris [IMDb]Great World of Sound [IMDb]The Lookout [IMDb]Rocket Science [IMDb]Vanaja [IMDb]BEST DIRECTOR

Todd Haynes – I'm Not There [IMDb]

Tamara Jenkins – The Savages [IMDb]

Jason Reitman – Juno [IMDb]

Julian Schnabel – The Diving Bell and the Butterfly [IMDb]

Gus Van Sant – Paranoid Park [IMDb]


Pedro Castaneda – August Evening [IMDb]

Don Cheadle – Talk To Me [IMDb]

Philip Seymour Hoffman – The Savages [IMDb]

Frank Langella – Starting Out in the Evening [IMDb]

Tony Leung – Lust, Caution [IMDb]


Angelina Jolie – A Mighty Heart [IMDb]

Sienna Miller – Interview [IMDb]

Ellen Page – Juno [IMDb]

Parker Posey – Broken English [IMDb]

Tang Wei – Lust, Caution [IMDb]


Chiwetel Ejiofor – Talk To Me [IMDb]

Marcus Carl Franklin – I'm Not There [IMDb]

Kene Holliday – Great World of Sound [IMDb]

Irrfan Khan – The Namesake [IMDb]

Steve Zahn – Rescue Dawn [IMDb]BEST SUPPORTING FEMALECate Blanchett – I'm Not There [IMDb]

Anna Kendrick – Rocket Science [IMDb]

Jennifer Jason Leigh – Margot at the Wedding [IMDb]

Tamara Podemski – Four Sheets to the Wind [IMDb]

Marisa Tomei – Before the Devil Knows You're Dead [IMDb]


Ronald Harwood – The Diving Bell and the Butterfly [IMDb]

Tamara Jenkins – The Savages [IMDb]

Fred Parnes & Andrew Wagner – Starting Out in the Evening [IMDb]

Adrienne Shelly – Waitress [IMDb]

Mike White – Year of the Dog [IMDb]


Jeffrey Blitz – Rocket Science [IMDb]

Zoe Cassavetes – Broken English [IMDb]

Diablo Cody – Juno [IMDb]

Kelly Masterson – Before the Devil Knows You're Dead [IMDb]

John Orloff – A Mighty Heart [IMDb]


Mott Hupfel – The Savages [IMDb]

Janusz Kaminski – The Diving Bell and the Butterfly [IMDb]

Milton Kam – Vanaja [IMDb]

Mihai Malaimare, Jr. – Youth Without Youth [IMDb]

Rodrigo Prieto – Lust, Caution [IMDb]BEST DOCUMENTARYCrazy Love [IMDb]Lake of Fire [IMDb]Manufactured Landscapes [IMDb]The Monastery [IMDb]The Prisoner or: How I Planned to Kill Tony Blair [IMDb]BEST FOREIGN FILM4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (Romania) [IMDb]The Band's Visit (Israel) [IMDb]Lady Chatterley (France) [IMDb]Once (Ireland) [IMDb]Persepolis (France) [IMDb]