Cool Stuff: Star Wars Galaxy Map

One of the coolest thing about the Lord of the Rings books is that they have included maps of Middle Earth. It gave the fictional locale a depth of reality. I guessing seeing is reality, right?

As far as I know, George Lucas never created a map of the Star Wars galaxy. But the galaxy map pictured above was first compiled and published in 2002, in Issue One of The Official Star Wars Fact File. It was later republished in Issue 65 of the Star Wars Insider, which was released in February 2003. Click on the image above to enlarge.

Update: Click Here to see the Star Wars Insider version of the map, whih includes more information around the edges, and is slightly higher resolution.

I would love to be able to purchase this sucker in poster form. You know, LucasFilm should hire us to create new product ideas (not like they need even more products...). A few weeks ago we ran a story on a poster which included the complete Star Wars saga. It's another great example of something that, for some reason or another, George Lucas has yet to create for sell-able purposes, yet would sell incredibly well to fanboys.

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via: Alex Billington