Cool Stuff: Wall-E Model

Yesterday we showed you a real-life animatronic version of Pixar's Luxo, Jr. Today we bring you a photo of Disney's real-world model of WALL-E on display at the Disney Animation pavillion at Disney's California Adventure park in Anaheim, California. Wall-E is the coolest droid since R2.

How cute is he? If Disney had any real marketing sense, they would make a small robotic Wall-E toy unit for sale, kinda like the R2-D2 unit that Lucasfilm sells. I know I'd pay $100 bucks for a working, moving, squeaking, WALL-E unit. I might even pay up to $200 if he has a remote control functionality. I'm sure my cat would love it. Would you buy one? And for how much?

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Photo credit: Andy Castro