Jeff Bridges Talks Tron Sequel

A couple months ago it was reported that Commercial director and David Fincher prodigy Joseph Kosinski was in final talks to direct a sequel, described as "the next chapter", to Disney's 1982 cult classic Tron. A script was being written by Lost scribes Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, but with the writers strike, who knows how far they got Our good friend Frosty got the chance to ask Jeff Bridges if he would be returning for the sequel/remake/reboot. Bridges told Collider that he is scheduled to hear a pitch for the sequel soon.

"Why not to do it?" Bridges asked. "The reasons to do it and the reason I did that one (The original Tron) was because it was so innovative and I understand that they've got a whole new batch of stuff like that, innovations that they want to use on this so that could be kind of fun."

I'm excited at the possibility of a new Tron for the next generation. Kosinski has some really cool stuff on his commercial reel, and is likely to add some technical innovation. But will bringing back some of the original cast members be in the film's best interest?