Viggo Mortensen In Stallone's Poe?

CinemaBlend received an unconfirmed scoop that Sylvester Stallone has met with Viggo Mortensen and has offered him the role of Edgar Allan Poe in his upcoming biopic, Poe. According to the source, Mortensen is considering the role although he wants some slight revisions in the script. The film which is scheduled to go into production next year, chronicles the life of the legendary American writer, from his famous works and bouts with madness and depression, to his mysterious death in 1849. Mortensen is a talented actor and certainly an interesting choice.

Robert Downey, Jr. was once in talks to play the famous poet. Many people have suggested Johnny Depp for the role of Poe, but Depp is older now than Poe was when he died. Milo Ventimiglia has also been rumored for the role, and even has a Stallone connection, having played Rocky's son in Rocky Balboa.

Stallone plans to direct the film based on a script he also wrote.