Casting Star Trek: Jennifer Morrison And Chris Hemsworth

Last night we posted a huge Star Trek casting news update (if you haven't read it, check that out first). A spy image outside the set of JJ Abrams' Star Trek revealed a woman who looked a lot like House star Jennifer Morrison. Many speculated that Morrison is playing Janice Rand in the film, but we've been waiting for a confirmation. IESB just got word from Morrison's management that she has been cast in the film, but Robert Sanchez now believes that Morrison is playing the role of Dr. Carol Marcus, a young civilian biologist and the future mother of Kirk's son. Apparently that character is featured in the script.

Chris Hemsworth

Dr. Carol Marcus was one of the leading molecular biologists in the Federation. After giving birth to Kirk's son, the couple split up because she felt that they had no basis for a lasting relationship, with Kirk traveling around the universe while she worked in a lab. Portrayed by Bibi Besch, the character played a major role in the film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

IESB is also reporting that young Australian actor Chris Hemsworth has been cast as Kirk's father, George Samuel Kirk Sr. According to the Star Trek novels, George Samuel was a Commander on the Enterprise twenty-five years before Kirk assumed command. George Samuel Kirk, Sr. died under mysterious circumstances in 2248.