Game Details Revealed


This past weekend we got the chance to speak with Alison Lohman about her upcoming film Game, which is written/directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (the madmen behind Crank).

"I'm doing a movie now called Game with Gerard Butler. I get to ride a motorcycle. It's like Sin City, it's set in the future. It's a sci-fi thriller about convicts who become the players in a video game, and the players are the ones who control them. And if they win 30 games, they are exonerated, and get out free. The prison system is overloaded so they have to find a way to fund it.  This is set in the future and the healthcare system is collapsing, so they have to find another way... "

Butler's character is on his 28th game and is eager to get back to his family.

"I play this revolutionary chick. She's a vigilante, part of this underground group that is trying desperately to save the world from debaucherous. She's an idealist. I help [Gerry], but he doesn't know what is going on and I inform him that he's in prison in the video game. I start shooting in two weeks in Albuquerque New Mexico. I just decided that I was going to do this about a week ago, so right now I'm just scrambling to learn my lines."

The film will be shot for 55 days in and around Albuquerque from November 5 through February 5. Game will hit theaters in December 2008. Alison Lohman appears in Beowulf, which hits theaters on November 16th.