A Look At Diablo Cody's Projects In Development

After Juno sent a shock-wave around Hollywood, Hollywood's new golden screenwriter Diablo Cody has a lot on her plate, and has revealed some new details about her upcoming projects to EW. So we've decided to incorporate some of this new information into this development profile:

Girly Style: Diablo immediately started writing this "female response" after seeing SuperBad. Girly Stlye, "named after the wuss version of push-ups, tells the story of some nerdy college women." Red Eye producer Mason Novick is signed to produce the project for Universal.Time and a Half: "A satire about the cult of modern-day hipsters." In an earlier Cinematical interview, Cody described the movie as "a generational, working stiffs kind of comedy" which was sort of inspired by films like Reality Bites, "those films that defined Generation X."Jennifer's Body: A horror movie about a girl who eats boys." Cody describes the movie as "Juno but with cannibalism and evisceration." IMDB describes it as "A newly possessed cheerleader turns into a killer who specializes in offing her male classmates. Can her best friend put an end to the horror?" Megan Fox is attached to star for Fox Atomic.

The United States of Tara: Steven Spielberg handpicked Cody to write the pilot for a comedy idea he had about a woman who struggles to find a balance between her dissociative identity disorder and raising a dysfunctional family. Cody conceived the story, and pitched it to him over the phone at the Universal lot, and has yet to meet the famous director in person. "Isn't that awesome? It's like Charlie's Angels. So we had the call, and he said, 'Okay, go write it.' I walked outside and just went numb. E.T. is the first film I ever saw in the theater. I sank down to the curb and put my head between my knees." Showtime is producing the series with Toni Collette attached to star.

Burlesque: Cody was brought on board to rewrite/revise this contemporary musical which is being called "Moulin Rouge meets Cabaret" for director Steven Antin (The Good Mother). The film follows a young woman who tries to escape a hollow past by performing in a neo-burlesque club in Los Angeles.

The EW article also reveals that one day soon, she hopes to direct.

"If I were a dude, I don't know that I'd be so eager. But I feel like I have a responsibility to try because there's such a paucity of female directors. There are worse things you can do in life than direct a bad movie."

Read the full profile on Cody on EW.com.