Overhyped Beowulf Buzz

AintItCool ran the first supposed fan review of Beowulf earlier tonight. The review calls the new Robert Zemeckis mo-cap film a "fucking MASTERPIECE" and claims that "if it were a live-action film, it would have been nominated for Best Picture." I just saw the film tonight at the Universal Citywalk press screening on Friday night, and while I'm not allowed to post my thoughts or my review until November 16th, I will say that the above "fan" review is very suspect indeed. To me it almost sounds like a studio plant (although the extensive spoiler details would lead you to think otherwise).

And please don't take this to mean that I didn't like this film (which may or may not be true, unfortunately I can't say either way), just know that I wouldn't take this "fan review" as an accurate representation of reality.