Ratatouille Producer Brad Lewis To Direct Pixar Movie

Emmy winning visual effects producer turned Ratatouille producer Brad Lewis will soon become a Pixar director.

"I'm going to direct my next film, but that hasn't been announced yet so that isn't something I can break for you today, but maybe Lasseter will talk about it."

Our friend Frosty at Collider was unsuccessful in his attempt to grill Lewis for more information, and when he questioned Toy Story director John Lasseter, he could only confirm the project:

"We haven't announced the film yet, but he will be directing – yes!"

No word on if the project is a short of feature film. I know Pixar's one-feature-film-a-year slate is filled up until at least 2011, so either it's very early in development, or it's a short film. You can watch the video interview at Collider.com.