Movie Review: SAW 4

The following movie review is from Zach Lawrence:Saw 4

Semi SPOILER ALERT!! If you've seen Saw 1, 2, or 3, then you've probably seen Saw 4. This isn't necessarily a bad thing though. With every new Halloween upon us, SAW has become a yearly tradition, a tradition we've had forced upon us. And with 5 and 6 on the horizon, you know you'll shell out the inflating ticket cost in the years to come.

So we begin with literally the most graphic gore seen I've ever been privy to. And while I love all that real life autopsy junk, I found this to be rough. I ended up watching the audience as much, covering their faces collectively respectively. So we have a group of throwaway actors on the trail of the already dead Jigsaw, even though his games have just begun. We're dragged along the ragged journey of the torture location savvy police tests and trust games that we are all too familiar with. But the payouts in gore are well received, and always innovative.

Now is when they lose the audience. Now it is time for the, been there done that vibe that seems to linger just a tad longer then we want, and we are thrust into that, "just let us know who the fuck the new killer is this time" feeling. Donnie Walhberg returns all too briefly for a very unsatisfying appearance. And he is the only real name this movie has going for it now, besides the new Robert Englund of the next generation, Tobin Bell.

This movie is good Halloween fodder that is supposed to be seasonal, and with its release we have the expectation of next year's contribution, and that's what its good for. I don't "Dare You To See It", but rather give you the appropriate information that this movie isn't great. But it is "Saw" great. So if you want to be moved, go see Gone Baby Gone (Terrific), if you want Halloweeny goodness just for s***s and giggles, (Cliché' approaching) See Saw 4.