Teresa Palmer Is Wonder Woman?

The big news today is the supposed casting of Wonder Woman in the big screen Justice League movie. Moviehole claims that Teresa Palmer may have scored the role. Yes, she's blonde, but hair can always be dyed. They wouldn't make Wonder Woman blonde would they? A couple weeks ago we mentioned that Palmer was part of a group of actresses who had auditioned for George Miller during the marathon casting sessions in Hollywood.

Age 21 years of age, Palmer is the youngest of the bunch of Wonder Woman hopefuls. Her publicity materials list her as 5' 5¾", which is considerably shorter Amazon character who is known for her curvaceous long legs. The modern day character is 6′3″ while the older version was much shorter (5′11″ was "amazonian" height for a woman in the 1960's). Palmer starred in December Boys and The Grudge 2.

Again, this casting has not been 100% confirmed by the studio. But looking over the past hopefuls for the role worries me a bit. Does Warner Bros have any idea what they are doing with this film? It's beginning to look a lot like the JJ Abrams Star Trek casting, young actors with little to no name value.