New Star Trek Rumor: Who Is The Captain?

My friend Vic over at ScreenRant has gotten a possible scoop on JJ Abrams' Star Trek. I've tried to confirm the information, but (as expected) JJ has done a good job of keeping the script under-wraps (much like that monster movie he's producing...).

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead.

The new Star Trek film will focus much more on Spock than on the crew of the Enterprise. Also, the adventure takes place on a USS Enterprise commanded by Captain Christopher Pike(!), with Pike and crew being helped out by Kirk but not until much later in the film. It's unknown what ship Kirk would be serving on, but he is not yet a captain at that time. Finally, none of the film takes place at all at Starfleet Academy.

One of my sources seems to believe that the Starfleet Academy is featured in the movie, while another has heard that Pike is featured and that Spock is indeed the main focus (but that is something that we already figured).

Pike, played first by Jeffrey Hunter, was a Captain in the original Star Trek pilot, which was rejected. The character appeared in a later episode titled "The Menagerie" (played then by Sean Kenney). Pike is the first Captain of the Enterprise recognized in Star Trek canon (to go into the non-canon background would be boring). The character was severely injured while rescuing several cadets from a baffle plate rupture onboard a J-class training vessel, and appeared in "The Menagerie" confined to a wheelchair. The delta ray radiation made him mute and badly scarred, so the wheelchair is operated by brainwaves. Pike communicated through a light on the chair: one flash meaning "yes" and two flashes indicating "no".

Many people believed that Pike would make an appearance in the film, and some internet rumors even claimed that Tom Cruise would do a cameo as the man inside the electronic wheelchair (however, Cruise gave confirmation earlier this week that the rumor is false). But if the scoop above is true, we would be getting a fully functional Christopher Pike as the Captain of the Enterprise. Would we finally get to see his "accident" on the big screen?

What do you guys think?