Diablo Cody Is Writing Every Movie In Hollywood

It seems like Diablo Cody is writing every other movie in Hollywood these days, and that's certainly not a bad thing. I find saw Cody's Juno at the Toronto International Film Festival. It is the best movie of the year so far, and a shoe in for a Best Screenplay Oscar nom (and Ebert believes Ellen Page will also get a nod). You would think that since Juno doesn't hit theaters until later this year, that I was ahead of the curve. But truth is, even I was late to the Diablo Cody party.

The advertising agency worker turned stripper, turned blogger, turned author, turned screenwriter had already caught the attention of Hollywood long ago. Cody set up a female-driven comedy Girly Style at Universal. Steven Spielberg (yes, that Steven) sought her out to pen a television series for him called The United States of Tara (due out next year). Last week we told you that Cody is now reworking Steven Antin's Burlesque musical which is being referred to as "Moulin Rouge meets Cabaret".

And today it was announced that Cody is writing a comedic supernatural thriller (that's not one, not two, but three genres) titled Jennifer's Body, with Transformers' hottie Megan Fox attached to star. The project is set-up at Fox Atomic, which worries me slightly since Atomic isn't known for quality films. However, I'm sure with Cody behind the computer, it has to be good. Jennifer's Body is said to have a similar tone to Heathers and Beetlejuice. The story follows a cheerleader with a perfect life who becomes the girl from hell when she gets possessed and begins killing boys in a small town. Her best friend must then find a way to stop her. And here is the best news: The film is being fast-tracked before the possible writers strike.

"This is going to be fun. I wrote this script last summer and have been f***ing obsessed with getting it made ever since," Cody wrote on her blog Pussy Ranch. "Incidentally, Megan Fox is hotter than the earth's core. And now– Hollywood's tiresome profusion of "girlfriend roles" be damned– she's going to literally get out there AND DESTROY SOME F***ING BOYS. Scripts are a nice way to exorcise personal demons, I'd say."

I understand that most of you guys have yet to see Juno, but believe me, Diablo is a talent, and is one to watch in the upcoming year. I could be wrong, she could totally blow it. She could be a one hit wonder. But even Steven Spielberg doesn't think so.