Justice League: Who Will Be Cast As Wonder Woman?

Casting is in full effect on the Justice League movie, and while no names are yet attached, we are getting a better idea of the actors who are trying out for the roles. And everyone seems to want to know what actress will be playing Wonder Woman. Let's take a look at the new hopefuls:

Australian actress Victoria Hill (December Boys) supposedly did a screen test audition in September.

MTV reports that 26-year-old singer/actrsss Christina Milian wants the role. Although, I'm sure her ethnicity might prevent her from winning the role of the Amazon. Wonder Woman is also known for her curvaceous long legs. The modern day character is 6′3″ while the older version was much shorter (5′11″ was "amazonian" height for a woman in the 1960's). Millian stands at a very short 5' 2”.Cinematical has learned that Shannyn Sossamon (A Knight's Tale, One Missed Call) has auditioned for the role, after blowing away the Mulroneys in a Princess Di casting session. Sossamon is 29-years old and 5' 9”, a little closer in height, but still much shorter than the traditional character.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Final Destination 3, Live Free or Die Hard) and Teresa Palmer (December Boys) both auditioned for Miller earlier this week during the marathon casting sessions in Hollywood. Age 21 years of age, Palmer is the youngest of the bunch. Her publicity materials list her as 5' 5¾”. Winstead stands 5' 8” and is also young (22 years old).

The Past: Both Jessica Biel and Katie Holmes have been rumored, but are no longer in contention for the role.

Apparently they are looking for an actress aged 21-29, and anywhere from 5' 2” to 5' 9” in height. So chances are that we'll be getting a younger/shorter Wonder Woman.So who would you cast as Wonder Woman?