Indiana Jones 4 Wraps Production, Shoots At Fresno Airprort

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull finally wrapped this week, but only after shooting at Chandler Field in Fresno, CA. Brodie Mash went over to field and watched on with excitement as Harrison Ford, Shia LaBeouf, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg (who was heard, but not seen) were shooting a scene that takes place at a circa 1950 Mexico City airport. You can see a photo of Harrison Ford in full Indy gear exiting a trailer to the right. Indy 4 has been in production since June 16th 2007.

A crew of 150 worked on the scene. In another take they painted "Branford" on the airport tower, likely to represent the airport in Branford Conneticut, where some scenes have already been shot. I'm guessing this sequence takes place early in the film after Dr. Jones leaves his teaching gig at Yale University in New Haven.

You can read more about the shoot in this report from the local news, or check out some more spoiler free pictures on Brodie's blog. Also, below is some really shaky video of Harrison and George having tea together on the set. A Kodak moment if I ever saw one. I'm sure we can look forward to some exciting/emotional footage of Spielberg calling "It's a Wrap!!" on the official Indy 4 website in the next couple weeks.