Hellraiser Remake Finds Directors

French filmmakers Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo have been brought on to write and direct a Hellraiser remake for Dimension Films. The French duo just made a film called Inside, which AintItCool calls "one of the goriest and unflinchingly intense horror films that screened at FANTASTIC FEST."

The filmmakers say they have the blessing of Clive Barker (who directed the original based on his acclaimed novella The Hellbound Heart) to reappropriate his story and also had a playful message to any horror fans that were ready to trash the idea of a remake, "No tears, please; it's a waste of good remaking!"

I think Hellraiser is ripe for a remake. I know as a child, I was always scared of pinhead, and the prospect of the franchise scaring a whole new generation of children kind of excites me. However, it should also be noted that Dimension was the studio behind Rob Zombie's Halloween, which many agree should have never happened. Let's hope this turns out better.

source: HollywoodReporter