Rumor Killer: Scream 4 Gets A Greenlight?

Update: BloodyDisgusting have confirmed this story to be false. As you can see below, we were working on JoBlo's report. But apparently the story originated from a blogspot page claiming to be the official blog of The Weinstein Co. So as of right now, Scream 4 is not announced, nor in development.The Weinstein Co have greenlit Scream 4, according to

"The fans have been asking for a 4th Scream movie for years and we're finally giving it to them. As far as details go, we're only in the planning stages and we may not get around to it [Scream 4] for quite some time, but rest assured, it will happen."

Scream was a fresh new take on the horror genre. Sure, it was responsible for the horrible string of post modern horror. But for a minute let's just forget that. Sure, the sequels weren't up to par with Kevin Williamson's original screenplay. I blame it on the series eventual obsession with referencing itself. I think the great thing about the original film was that it used the conventions of the film genre with and against itself. It was hip to be cool and reference horror flicks, but not in a talky "we're trying to insert pop culture into the dialogue" type way.The good news is that Scream 3 screenwriter Ehren Kruger is likely not part of the fourth film, due to his new commitment on Transformers 2. Let's hope they bring Kevin Williamson back to work on the script. And let me suggest that we totally abandon the whole Sydney character and the movie within the movie concept. I think it's best to revamp the series with a new set of characters, a new cast, and a new story.And before someone asks, The poster to the upper right is a mock-up we created from the first film's one-sheet, and is in no way an official release.