LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Millennium Falcon

The biggest and most expensive LEGO set ever has just been released, and pre-orders are starting to be unpacked in fanboy homes around the US.

The Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Millennium Falcon costs $499, has 5,000 pieces and comes with a heavy ring-binded instruction manual. The Imperial Star Destroyer from a few years back held the record, with 2,000 less pieces and a $200 cheaper price tag. (Actually, I've been corrected, the "Death Star II" was the previous record holder with 3417 pieces.)

I have pieced together the Darth Maul bust and Yoda, but this newest set is obviously nothing in comparison to both of the aforementioned kits combined. I wonder how long it takes to put this sucker together. If only I had A. Time, B. Disposable Income. If anyone from LEGO is reading, we'd love to "REVIEW" this latest release (e-mail us).

credit: Gizmodo