PVC-1 Movie Trailer: 85 Minute Movie, One Camera Shot

I'm a sucker for long tracking shots. Orsen Wells, Alfred Hitchcock, Martin Scrosese, Brian DePalma, Paul Thomas Anderson, and most recently Alfanso Cuaron had a few all-in-one tracking shots in last year's Children of Men. One of the big buzz talking points at the Toronto Film Festival was a five minute sequence from Joe Wright's Atonement. Even people who didn't love the film were talking about this one shot.

Our friends at Mad About Movies have pointed us to PVC-1, a film which premiered at Cannes. The movie tells the story of a Colombian woman who is taken hostage and turned into a ticking time bomb, all in one 85 minute tracking shot. To me it sounds like heaven.

LatinoReview has the full trailer for your viewing pleasure.

There was a film a few years ago called Russian Ark, that was also shot in one continuous steadicam take, but I found that to be more gimmick than anything else. Don' get me wrong, it's a beautiful piece of art and russian history. The choreography is amazing. But s a story it suffers.