New Beowulf Movie Trailer

I just got home from a screening of Transformers in IMAX (more on that later), where they premiered another new trailer for Robert Zemeckis' Beowulf. Aside from the 3D coolness, I really have no interest in seeing this flick. The animation or motion capture looks as the story, which I'm sad to say was a collaboration between Comic book legend Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary (Rules of Attraction, Killing Zoe, Pulp Fiction). I expect way better from everyone involved, including Zemeckis. And I'm still not sure I understand why you would go through all the trouble of motion capture to make the animated character look exactly like a zombie version of the original actor/actress. Just seems like an extreme waste of time to me. You can check out the new trailer after the jump.

[flv: 470 185]

Beowulf hits theaters on November 16th 2007.