New Southland Tales Movie Poster Sucks

Cinematical has posted the new theatrical poster for Richard Kelly's Southland Tales, and it doesn't look good.

Don't get me wrong. I want Southland Tales to be good. Even if it isn't good, I want it to make money just because I feel Richard Kelly somehow deserves it. But when a movie distributor clearly has no idea how to sell a film, or starts using deceptive marketing materials, that is usually a sure sign that the film will fail at the box office. This poster has too much going on, and gives me no indication of what this movie is about. The double poster layout is confusing, and the film's stars are clearly in focus to attract an audience that might not otherwise enter into such a film. It seems like something that would be devised by a marketing department for the DVD release of a failed theatrical movie (Donnie Darko anyone?).

Check out the new poster after the jump.

Southland Tales