What Will Cloverfield/1-18-08 Be Titled? Exclusive Photo!

The title for the JJ Abrams produced monster flick has been in question since day one. Originally it was codenamed Cloverfield (presumably named after the street and airport near Bad Robot's production office). On set they used a bunch of different production names: Slusho!, Cheese, and Chocolate Outrage.

You can see by this exclusive photo I was sent by someone on the crew, that even the production didn't know what to call all itself. Yes, even the production crew gifts (in this case a brown messenger bag) featured a bunch of different titles crossed out.

The trailer and website have gone by the title "1-18-08" which also serves as the film's date. At Comic Con they released a set of four posters which featured such titles as ""Terrifying", "Monstrous", and "Furious", which further confused the mess. And then there was the case of the trademark filed by JJ's attorney, "Overnight". That seemed like the best title out of the bunch to me.

But now BloodyDisgusting is reporting that the film will be titled "WRECK". If true, than I have no idea how they settled upon that name out of the options proposed thus far. At this point it seems to me that they need a title, and they need one now. Because the branding of 1-18-08 is already out there, and you can't pull a switch late into the promotion for the film. What do you guys think 1-18-08 should be titled? Is "Wreck" a good name?