Ruining He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe

Growing up a child of the 80's, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was one of the shows I watched (along with many of the other series which are now pop culture nostalgia items on that VH1 show and in references on Family Guy). So it pains me to learn via our friends at IESB that the big screen adaptation of the cartoon series/action figure line is being handled so poorly.

According to Robert, "the current idea is to make Eternia here on Earth, kind of like a modern day Middle Earth." He also painfully teases, "if you guys think that this Eternia on Earth stuff is disturbing, you should hear what the plan for Skeletor is!"

We haven't read Justin Marks (Voltron, Street Fighter, Super-Max) screenplay, so we should probably should give him the benifit of the doubt. But from the information leaked thus far, it seems like they don't understand why people liked the series. It's the same thing that happens with most video game adaptations, and it was the same thing that ruined the original live-action Masters of the Universe film. Fans want to see all the creators and characters from their childhood in a new revamped Connan The Barbarian meets Star Wars type storyline. Treat the property with respect and the fans will come. If anyone has the Marks penned He-Man script (if it's even exists in a script form at this point) please e-mail me.