Redesigning /Film

Okay, so we're finally starting to work on a site redesign. As you can see with the early sneak peak mock up above, we are keeping with the same color scheme that you know and love, reduced the advertising area, and have added a ton of new features (including a usable sidebar and top menu).

But right now we're still in the conceptual stage, and we're looking for your help. We want to know would you would like to see when we launch /Film 3.0. Tell us about some of the cool features you've seen on other websites that you think /Film should adopt, or may-be you have some innovative ideas swirling around in your head. We care what you think more than anything else. Please offer us some suggestions and ideas on how to make the site better. Post a comment below or email us directly.

Thanks for Reading,

Peter Sciretta

/Film Editor