Kevin Smith Finishes Red State Screenplay

Kevin Smith has finished the first draft for his upcoming horror film, Red State. Not only is it done, but it's the shortest script Smith has ever written, and contains the least amount of dialogue.

"Not to say there's no dialogue; just that there's about half as much as I normally write," Smith revealed on his website "Unlike any other script I've ever authored, to say the least. Very fucked up. If I'd never said anything about it in the press and put it out under a pseudonym, I doubt anyone would ever connect me with it. Can't wait to shoot it."

I have a hard time classifying it as a "horror flick" because, while it shares some of the genre conventions, it's just not what most would consider a horror flick. Horrific, yes, but not a horror flick in terms of the general definition. Let's put it this way: if "Rosemary's Baby" can be classified as a horror flick, then "Red State" can be as well.

Smith has yet to reveal any plot details or confirm any casting (heck, he just finished the script – did we really expect casting news this early in?) but NewsAskew reports that Clerks alumni Jeff Anderson and Jay Mewes are rumored to be on board. I'm pretty sure Smith dropped mention of Mewes casting in a Smodcast from a while back.