No Battlestar Galactica For Kevin Smith

A couple days ago Kevin Smith announced that he would be directing an upcoming episode of Battlestar Galactica. We were excited at the prospect, but alas it doesn't seem like it will come to be.

Galactica showrunner Ronald D Moore told fans at the official SciFi Channel Web site that a "scheduling conflict" has come up and that Smith is no longer attached to direct an episode. When asked if they will have to issue a statement to the media, Moore said "No, they probably won't. Something like that only registers on message boards."

Ouch, a little harsh. Apparently Moore doesn't visit or acknowledge /Film, News Askew, TVSquad, BuddyTV, IGN,, cinematical, mediagab, G4TV, TVJab, Buzztracker, CHUD, Wizard Entertainment,, or any of the other news websites that reported the story.

source: SyFyPotal [via: NewsAskew]