Kevin Smith To Direct Battlestar Galactica, Write/Direct Heroes Origins

Our friends at NewsAskew have some exciting news for Kevin Smith Fans. The Clerks director has signed on to direct an episode of Battlestar Galactica. I haven't yet gotten into that series (although everyone of my friends has pushed it on me). But from I understand most of it is pretty talky, so it should better suit Smith's talents. (I could be wrong, am I wrong?)

"I'm kind of stoked about. It's cool, but it is scary because it is like, What the f-? I can't bring anything to that show," Smith told AOL TV. "That show is genius and they have a very distinctive visual style. But you are safe as a kitten. If you go in there and say, 'I'm going to shoot everything in one big master shot,' they'll go, 'No you're not, because that is not what we do on 'Battlestar Galactica.” I guess it is more about performance-oriented stuff, but at the same time that cast is top notch. How do you f-â€" direct Mary McDonnell?"

Smith also revealed that he will not only direct an episode of the Heroes spin-off show Heroes Origins, but he has also been given full creative control to write the episode and create the character.

"Yeah. Tim Kring was like, 'You write and direct it dude. It is your world, you do what you want.' That of course was appetizing as hell. Last week, I went in and pitched my story and every three minutes into my breakdown I was like, 'Now mind you, you can say no at any time and put a nail in this because I realize it might not be your cup of tea,' but they kind of went for it. It is very in keeping with what 'Heroes' is, but tonally it is different than what they normally do."

I'm glad Kring and the Heroes producers understand that 60% of Smith is his incredible writing. I can't wait.