Paul Giamatti Waits For Bruce Campbell

Paul Giamatti is a hot actor right now, but even his name alone isn't enough to greenlight this movie. You see, they're waiting on b-movie legend Bruce Campbell. How can this be possible? Well, the film is Bubba Nosferatu, a prequel to the recent cult comedy Bubba Ho-Tep.

"I would really like to do that," Giamatti revealed to Rotten Tomatoes. "Did you ever see Bubba Ho-Tep? Great movie. And that director [Don Coscarelli], I love that guy's movies.  All the Phantasm movies and stuff. But we are trying to do it."

The announcement of Bubba Nosferatu: Curse of the She-Vampires was originally intended as an end of the credits joke, however, positive fan response has made a sequel a possibility. The only problem is that Bruce Campbell has yet to sign on. C'mon Bruce, your schedule can't be that full, can it?

It has been said that Bubba Nosferatu will document the production of a 'lost' Elvis movie from the 1950s or 1960s, and... oh yeah, vampires. Giamatti would play Colonel Parker, who would have to team with Campbell's Elive to fight Vampires.

"Bruce Campbell was waffling around about whether he wants to play Elvis or not again. So that's the problem," said Giamatti. "You gotta have Elvis and you really want him playing Elvis, so hopefully we can get him to do it. If not, I'm sure they will try and find somebody else but I think it's contingent on whether he'll do it or not. It's a great script, a completely insane script. I would love to do that because I love [Bubba Ho-Tep]. It's a great movie."

I would certainly like to see Giamatti as the Colonel fighting vampires. C'mon people, let's make this happen!