Confirmed: James McAvoy Cast As Scotty In JJ Abrams Star Trek?

Today seems to be a Monday full of casting announcements and speculation. UK's Sunday Mirror is reporting that James McAvoy has indeed been cast as Scotty in JJ Abrams' Star Trek. There is a questio mark, because I'm not sure how credible the Sunday Mirror is.

The McAvoy rumor has been circulating for quite some time now. Could the UK tabloid have the final confirmation? The paper is reporting it that it is a done deal. A movie insider told the mirror: "James was up against some famous names. Everyone's delighted to have him on board."

Montgomery "Scotty" Scott was the engineer on the Enterprise in the original Star Trek television series. He was played by the late Irish-Canadian actor James Montgomery Doohan. Renowned for his technical skill, knowledge, determination and resolve, Scotty had a reputation as a "miracle worker", with no known equal in the Star Trek universe. He was also Second Officer on the Enterprise, which means that he is essentially third-in-command, under Captain Kirk and Commander Spock.

McAvoy would be a perfect fit for this character. But if this is indeed true, I wonder why the casting announcement wasn't made at Comic-Con (considering this must have been in the works for a long while now).