Rose McGowan As Barbarella? We Still Don't Care!

Last we heard, Kate Beckinsale was in consideration to play the lead role in Robert Rodriguez's remake of Barbarella. But to be honest, if Rodriguez's name wasn't attached to the project, we wouldn't have even known that much.  And even then, I was kind of hoping that this was going to be one of those projects that fell into development hell.

Well, it gets even worse. JoBlo is reporting that Rodriguez's girlfriend and Planet Terror star Rose McGowan is being used for FX test footage of the film. Could this mean McGowan is in? She wasn't a big enough star to sell tickets for Grindhouse (which I still believe to be one of this year's best movies). Does anyone actually want to see a Barbarella remake anyways? And do any of those people want to see a Bararella with Rose McGowan? I don't think so.

The project is scheduled to start principal photography before year's end, so we'll find out the cast soon enough.