Geek Projects: Paper Bumblebee, Vege-Alien, R2-Beer2, And The R2-D2 Home Theater

Transformers BumbleBee made out of PAPER [via: engadget]


An Alien made out of vegetables. [via: LaughingSquid]

R2 Beer 2

R2-Beer2 Droid made out of a Heineken keg can. [via: Geekstir]

R2D2 Home Theater

The R2-D2 Home Theater Droid gets an upgrade. For $2,799.95 it includes a DLP projector to 1,024 x 768 pixels and 1,500:1 contrast ratio, which can project an 80" image from 16.5 feet away. The unit also includes a DVD/CD player and iPod dock connector, built-in 20-watt speaker, and USB and memory card readers. [via: Gizmodo]