The Dark Knight: 18 New Photos

While I was in a press screening downtown (King of Kong = Great documentary with geek appeal), a new set of production photos from The Dark Knight leaked online (presumably as part of Warner Bros viral campaign, or not... If that is the case, you can e-mail us). I don't exactly know who deserves credit for this one, but IESB was the first site I saw them on (although, they seem to be everywhere now: FirstShowing, FilmSchoolRejects, AICN, and even JustJared). The images appear to have originated from a phantom Flickr account. Jeeez, news spreads in just an hour. Check out the photos after the jump. I must warn you that there are some spoilers, one that confirms a detail in my original Dark Knight spoiler report from last week. Who knew? Even I was skeptical. Check out the photos after the jump.

Images Removed at Request of Warner Bros