Katie Holmes In Talks To Play Wonder Woman?!

Oh No. I can hear the collective sigh of fanboys from around the world as I type the following bit of news: Katie Holmes is in talks to star in a big screen adaptation of Wonder Woman.

In the past I've been very fair to Tom and Katie (unlike most of this country), and I even think Holmes is a good actress. BUT, yes there is a BUT – isn't Katie just a little too small for the role? The superhero is probably best known for her curvaceous long legs, but Katie is only 5'9” and that's according to her publicity materials (read: probably shorter). I did a google search to find out exactly how tall Wonder Woman is, and the consensus seems to be that the modern day character is 6'3"while the older version was much shorter (5'11" was "amazonian" height for a woman in the 1960's). Plus, let's be honest, with the Tom Cruise backlash, she just doesn't have the star/name value to carry a superhero movie.

The good news is that the movie is only in the discussion state. I honestly don't see the appeal of a Wonder Woman movie at all. Sure, you'll have a good looking woman kicking ass and taking names in small tight latex/spandex. There is no way Hollywood will be able to put a woman in superhero gear flying an invisible plane on the big screen and make it remotely believable (even in the on screen fantasy world). And besides, how lame of a weapon is the Lasso of Truth? But that's just my opinion.

source: StarPulse