Pathology Movie Poster

We missed this a couple weeks ago. Our friends at Lakeshore have released the theatrical movie poster for the upcoming thriller Pathology. We were able to catch the trailer at Comic-Con, and all I can say is this movie looks like it may pushes the boundaries of sick s*** movies. Written and produced by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, the guys who brought us Crank, comes the story of a group of medical students devise a deadly game.

Milo Ventimiglia portrays a young intern, newly arrived at the University Hospital in Philadelphia, who stumbles onto a psychopathic group of colleagues playing a vile game. They regularly select one of their members (on a rotational basis) to commit the "perfect murder," while the rest use forensic methods to try to determine exactly how the homicide was executed. Alyssa Milano, of TV's Who's The Boss? and Charmed, co-stars as Ventimiglia's fiancée, while  Johnny Whitworth and Lauren Lee Smith are among the perpetrators.

Pathology is set to hit theaters on November 30th 2007.