Howard Stern's Porky's Gets A Green Light?

Howard Stern has been hard at work on a remake of the cult teen comedy film Porky's. Last week Stern took a vacation from his daily Sirius Satellite Radio Show and worked on the film project which the Shock Jock now claims is "ready to go."

"They say it's all greenlit and everything, ready to go. They say they can even start shooting in October, but I don't know if that's true," says Stern. "It seemed like a fun project, which it is."

In 2002, it was announced that Howard Stern was going to launch a series of movies carrying the "Howard Stern Presents" logo, starting with two remakes of "comedy cult classics": Porky's and Rock 'N' Roll High School. Porky's was originally supposed to film in the Porkys

Summer of 2003, but the project fell into a seemingly unmoving development. I, like most people, actually believed that the project was long dead. But Stern says that is not the case.

"We got two scripts that were developed simultaneously kind of. One's a rewrite of a rewrite of a script that we did – that I didn't do, but I was sort of in on. It's coming along pretty funny," said Stern. "We're going to combo them now because there's funny jokes in both and you have to figure out which is better for the movie. And I obsess on shit too because you want it to be good."

No word on who exactly is writing the script(s), although a 2005 Variety article claimed they were in the eighth draft. Producer Stern says a director has not yet been hired. I'm sure if SuperBad over-performs at the box office, that will put this project on a fast track. R-Rated teen comedies could be in a resurgence, and Porky's was in some ways the original R-Rated teen comedy.

The original 1982 film directed by the late Bob Clark followed the escapades of a group of teenagers at the fictional Angel Beach high school in Florida in 1954. Porky's spawned two sequels: Porky's II: The Next Day (1983) and Porky's Revenge (1985) and influenced many writers in the teen film genre.