Jurassic Park 4 To Feature Dinosaurs With Guns?

BloodyDisgusting reports that Universal Pictures has begun casting for Jurassic Park IV. Apparently the new film involves dinosaurs which have been outfitted with weapons by the US government (presumably for battle purposes). If this is true, than Universal should shut down production right now. It's one thing to expect such stupidity from the recent batch of direct-to-dvd sequels, but a big budget Spielberg produced sequel? Steven, please say it ain't so!

Why is it that most good movie franchises are ruined by ridiculous plot concepts? The studios seem to believe that the higher the number next to the movie title, the more ridiculous the story must become. I would think that Hollywood would look at the successful franchises and study them. There are reasons why the JAWS, Batman and Superman sequels were less successful (people want real, not slapstick). Sequels like Toy Story 2 and Aliens raise the bar.

Jurassic Park 4 will shoot in Kauai, Hawaii later this year. I wonder who's going to be directing this disaster? Last I heard, Jurassic Park III helmer Joe Johnston bowed out, even after Steven Spielberg publicly announced that he would direct it. Laura Dern was reportedly asked to return for the new film. No word on if any of the other stars will be featured in the fourth film. But what else are Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neill doing these days?

And before anyone asks, the JP4 logo is a fan-made design.