Dark Knight Footage Shown At Wizard World Chicago

Wizard World Chicago is ground zero for Dark Knight happenings this weekend. This morning at the DC Booth they passed out Dark Knight t-shirts, photo above courtesy of HollywoodChicago. It was later revealed at the end of the panel/footage that the t-shirts contain a hidden text that reads "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" when put under blacklights.

A capacity crowd packed the Dave Cockrum Room for a special Dark Knight panel. Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan was joined by screenwriters Jonah Nolan and David Goyer, DC Publisher Paul Levitz, and stars Christian Bale, Gary Oldman and Aaron Eckhart.

Here are the interesting tidbits contained in the footage which premiered at the con.

Joker is seen in full for the first time with what WizardUniverse described as "a mess of white face, smeared red lipstick and sweaty, straggly green hair" and blood all over his face. The Joker is arrested and booked by Jim Gordon in SWAT gear, who says out loud: "no prints, no ID, custom clothes, no tags." Later, Batman kicks in the door and battles The Joker (wearing his signature purple suit) in the interrogation room.

Harvey Dent tells Bruce Wayne: "The famous Bruce Wayne, Rachel's told me everything about you." Wayne replies "I Hope Not."

A chain metal tube containing case the new batsuit rises from a trap door.

The Batmobile drives through a wall of flames. Fire is everywhere. It appears The Joker might have set fire to Gotham City.

Another shot shows The Joker mercilessly firing a machine gun, laughing hysterically, while he walks across the street.

And as for Two-Face, Wizard also offers this closing sequence:

Two major additions to the speculation that Two Face will appear in the film came in the form of a single shot of a spinning 50 cent piece and the final image: after the action montage has slowed down, the camera cuts to a bartender looking at Harvey Dent, whose only onscreen presence is his left shoulder and a bit of a reddish-purple scarred neck. "Dent! I thought you were dead!" the man gasps, to which Harvey replies, "Half."

Sounds like it was a lot of fun. I heard from another person that Christopher Nolan was very nervous about showing the footage because it was very rough. It seems to have impressed everyone I've talked to so far. You can read a full footage report at Wizard Universe.