Kevin Smith Responds To /Film: Not Directing SuperMax

Yesterday I posted an article titled "Kevin Smith to direct Comic Book Movie... Supermax?" I posted Kevin's recent comments from Wizard Magazine that he might be doing a comic book movie for his tenth film.

"I think is going to be a comic book movie – not The Green Hornet, though. There's something that we're kind of negotiating on right now which would actually be pretty cool. I don't know what the audience for it would be, but I would dig making it because I've always been a fan of the character," said Smith.

We theorized that may-be the project could be David Goyer's superhero prison break film SuperMax, due to The Green Arrow's Involvement. Smith was involved in Arrow's rebirth as a comic book series, and has always been a fan of the DC character. We made this connection using pure fanboy theory, and never stated it as FACT.  We weren't the only people to make the Green Arrow connection, our friends at NewsAskew (Kev's official news website) also had a similar thought on the matter. We even ended our column by asking fans if they had any other ideas for what character Kevin could be talking about. But may-be we weren't clear enough?

The story got picked up by quite a few websites and somewhere along the game of internet operator, it became fact. Daily India reported that Kevin Smith is directing SuperMax as if it were fact. How did that happen?

Anyways, Smith has denied the story in the comment of the cinematical article which linked my story:

"I dig Peter at slashfilm, but that conjecture was a real stretch," wrote Smith. "I.E. – No, I'm not directing "SuperMax". You may all breathe a sigh of relief now."

Sorry Kevin, we didn't mean for this to get out of control.

So now the question remains: Which one of the thousands of other comic book characters could Smith be considering for his 10th film? Hmmmm.