Chuck Palahniuk Does Choke Cameo; Talks Snuff

We still don't have an update for out story from a couple days back titled "Renewed Interest in Chuck Palahniuk's Invisible Monsters?," but thanks to MTV, we now have a fuller plot synopsis for Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk's new book Snuff, and some new tidbits about the Choke movie adaptation. Palahniuk describes the Snuff:

"It's about the shooting one of the worlds largest [pornographic] movies. It's basically about three men waiting in the green room among 600 men. Over the course of the first act you learn that this actress plans to die during the production and that most likely one of these three men was a child she conceived and put up for adoption. He's been trying to contact her for years. She's never acknowledged him and he's so desperate he's shown up for this casting call to try to rescue her before she dies."

Sounds pretty twisted, but what would you expect from the guy who created Tyler Durden? Palahniuk suggests that Kathleen Turner would be perfect for the eventual feature film adaptation. But I wonder, what movie studio would do a movie about a gangbang? Snuff will be released in 2008, and is the second installment of a science fiction trilogy, following 2007's Rant.

A few more tidbits were also revealed in MTV's set visit:

  • Chuck Palahniuk makes a cameo in an airplane scene which "takes place before [Victor] has discovered he's a sex addict."
  • The Shoot is 25 Days
  • The Budget is "somewhere between three and four million dollars."