Must Watch: Wes Anderson's The Darjeeling Limited Movie Trailer

We warned you last week, and now here it is – the movie trailer for Wes Anderson's new movie The Darjeeling Limited. The film is "An emotional comedy about three brothers re-forging family bonds. The eldest, played by Wilson, hopes to reconnect with his two younger siblings by taking them on a train trip across the vibrant and sensual landscape of India."

Darjeeling seems to be everything I imagined it would be. I'm happy that Anderson decided to use his regular music selections and not some Indian tunes. The soundtracks for Anderson's other films are just so wonderful, usually consisting of a certain type of rock music which most of the time sounds like it came from a short period 30 years ago. And an all Indian soundtrack would have been disappointing for most fans. Check out the new trailer after the jump.

[flv: 450 190]

The Darjeeling Limited hits theaters on September 29th 2007.