Analysis: Fourth Photo Revealed On Cloverfield Website

A fourth photo (seen above) has been added to the Cloverfield viral website. The last website photo appeared on Thursday July 12th, which leads me to believe this will become a weekly thing. Let's first take a look at the first three photos and figure out where the puzzle pieces fit.

Cloverfield Photo #1

The original photo shows a close-up of two wide eyed fearful young women at 12:36 am. Some people speculated that the two women were actually the same actress interspliced in photoshop. This does not appear to be true. Some people claim they can see something in between their heads. A monster may-be? How about their hair and a street light. At least one of these young ladies can be seen in the trailer's party sequence.Cloverfield Photo #2The second photo shows Rob drinking at his farewell party at 12:01am (35 minutes before the first photo). Notice the intentionally blurred Slusho t-shirt on the guy giving him the drink. This is the same guy who canbe seen in the trailer.Cloverfield Photo #3The third photograph was posted last week and taken at 12:48am, a whole 12 minutes after the first photo. The first "roar" occurred around 12:30am, and I would venture to guess that the end of the trailer cuts off around 12:35-12:40ish AM. It looks like things get worse, much worse. The photo features a couple women walking through a fog of smoke, covering their mouths, while two men (possibly police or SWAT team) run around in the background. It looks very reminiscent of 9/11. The two women in this new photo are not the two young women from Photo #1, nor were they visible (by my eye) in the Trailer's party scene. I could be wrong.Cloverfield Website Photo #4The new photo has a time stamp of 1:24am, which is 36minutes after the third photo. Either the smoke has cleared or are they now in a less effected area. A military officer is seen holding something that looks like a gun (possibly an M4?). The woman to the left is holding her hand to her chest. May-be she's saying to the office "You talking to me? May-be not. The woman running on the right has colorful pajama like pants, which made me think she might have come from Rob's party. However, I've watched the trailer 3 times now and have found no sign of her at the party.