Still No Director For Logan's Run Remake

A few months back, Bryan Singer was forced to drop plans to helm a remake of the 1976 cult sci-fi film Logan's Run. Last we heard, producer Joel Silver turned to commercial director Joseph Kosinski to helm the film. Apparently that is a no-go. Silver has confirmed to Sci Fi that no new director has come on board since Bryan Singer dropped out.

"I'm working on it now and hopefully it will come about," Silver said at the Television Critics Association press tour. "I'm in the middle of six movies now, so I have my hands full."

It doesn't sound good. The original Logan's Run had a great concept. The new film was/is to be set in an idyllic sci-fi future. There is one major drawback: life must end at 21. A young police assassin at odds with his society's mandatory death sentence, and plots a daring escape on the eve of his fateful birthday. Let's hope that another hopeful director steps up to save this project.