Kevin Smith Reviews Ben Affleck's Gone, Baby, Gone

Last week we posted the movie trailer for Ben Affleck's directional debut Gone, Baby, Gone. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out. We wrote that the film looked like it had award potential. It looks extremely promising. Well the first mini-review is in, and it's over the top positive. Clerks filmmaker Kevin Smith has seen the film and loved it. Sure, Smith is best buds with Affleck, so chances are this is extremely biased. But heck, we're going to run Smith's quote anyways.

"I've seen the flick twice and it's awesome. Total awards contender," Smith wrote on his website. The writer/director later said on the Film Freak radio show: "It's one of those movies where you watch and you're like [groan] First time out? He made a better movie than I've ever made. That jerk! And he's easier to look at, richer, I hate him so much! But it's a really great flick."