Neil Blomkamp's Halo Short Film

Okay, so we wouldn't normally post a commercial for a video game but this one is different. It's a live action commercial for Halo 3 directed by Neil Blomkamp, who was announced by Peter Jackson as the director of the Halo feature film. The studios were unhappy to hand the big screen adaptation to a virtual newcomer (he's done commercials) and the project has since fallen into development hell. This short film/advertisement also features special effects done by Peter Jackson's WETA Digital. I went in wanting to love this. I wanted to stand up from my computer chair furious at the movie studios who obviously couldn't see vision if it smacked them in the face. But truth is, the short is not very impressive at all. It would have been impressive if it was fan made. But I expect more from the guy who was almost given hundreds of millions of dollars to make the feature film. I want to see a Halo movie, but it has to be done right. Check out the short after the jump.

[flv: 450 250]