MUST WATCH: Michael Moore Rips Wolf Blitzer On CNN

I'm not sure if you caught this yesterday, but it has become one of the hot topics of conversation today. Michael Moore appeared on CNN to promote Sicko, and was sideswiped with a piece which attempted to disprove some of the facts in the film. Moore was live on the show and hucked everything and the kitchen sink at host Wolf Blitzer. Moore called the report "biased" and "crap." Moore promised to dissect all of CNN's false claims in a report on his website which can be read at this link. The controversial documentary filmmaker then attacked Blitzer and CNN for spinning the BIG lie:

"Tell the truth to the American people...just guys have such a poor track record, and for me to come on here and listen to that kind of fudged the facts about this issue and the war in Iraq...why did it take you so long, Wolf, to take on Vice President Cheney? I'm just wondering when you're going to apologize to the American people and the troops....I just wonder when the American people are going to turn off their TV sets and stop listening to this stuff."

This is a must watch video clip. Check it out after the jump.

And below we also have part 2. That's right, Part 2. Moore agreed to tape a second interview which aired on Tuesday unedited. That interview is less entertaining, less confrontational, but more to the point and more informative.

And if you haven't yet, go watch Sicko.