Bryan Singer's Camp Says Superman Sequel Is Next

Last week producers of Bryan Singer's Harvey Milk biopic, The Mayor of Castro Street, were claiming that would be Singer's next project following Valkyrie. Of course, the Superman Returns sequel Superman: The Man of Steel was scheduled for a June 2009 release. But the Castro producers claimed that "The next Superman, that's a ways off. Don't worry about it. Trust me. We may even start preproduction on Harvey Milk while he's on post production on the Tom Cruise movie."IESB caught up with someone in Singer's camp who says there is no truth the the previous statement.

"That's total horse shit, I would say the same thing if I was producing that film but don't you realize that most of the Superman producers are working with Bryan on Valkyrie? Gil Adler and Chris Lee both are in Germany with Bryan and I can guarantee you that there is some work being done with Superman right now."

Now the question is, what side to believe?