Cloverfield Casting, Development And Shooting Details Revealed

The Hollywood trade papers have just published some interesting articles on the Cloverfield madness. And with that we have learned a few new details about the film's secret development. Apparently, Paramount greenlit the project in February around the same time that JJ Abrams agreed to direct Star Trek 11. The Hollywood Reporter writes:

The casting process was just as mysterious. No scripts or even scene pages were sent out; agents who were contacted were simply asked if their client wanted to be in the movie or not. Eventually a cast, made up mostly of relative unknowns, was put together; it includes Michael Stahl-David ("The Black Donnellys"), Odet Jasmin, Mike Vogel ("Supercross") and Lizzy Kaplan ("The Class").

We have also learned that the film is being shot for around $30 million, which is very cheap compared to almost anything else being produced by a big Hollywood studio today. Cloverfield began shooting under the radar in New York in Mid-June. THR describes the film's plot revolving "around a monster attack in New York as told from the point of view of a small group of people." So far we've been led to believe that the monster film is entirely shot from a consumer handheld camera, but The Reporter is unsure of that theory: "it is not clear if the entire movie follows that style."

And of course, they have also confirmed the information that we've previously reported, Matt Reeves (Felicity) is directing based a script written by Drew Goddard (Lost, Alias).

Variety uncovered much less information on the project, running into the same "fake ignorance" that Paramount reps have been giving the media for the past week.

"Yet a Bad Robot staffer close to Abrams feigned ignorance about the trailer – which bears the company's logo – Thursday afternoon."

IGN has also reported that the movie is probably using the working title "Slusho," which hardcore fans of Abrams' Alias may remember as the Slurpee-type beverage that Vaughn offers to Sydney in the second episode of the series.

Apparently there was a public notice from Paramount Pictures of filming posted last week in downtown Los Angeles. Slusho was to shoot in several downtown locations during the late afternoon to early morning hours. Here's a description of the scene:

"Exterior dialogue. Driving scenes. Occasional traffic & pedestrian control. Camera & equipment on sidewalk, street and property. 200 extras. Military vehicles. Destruction aftermath. Weapons brandished. Emergency vehicles with flashing lights. Exterior dialogue on fire escape on 8th floor."

We agree with IGN, sounds like Cloverfield to us. However the Los Angeles location conflicts with the Hollywood Reporter story... Either way, it's looking more and more like Cloverfield is Cloverfield and all these internet conspiracy theories that the film is just a front for a new Godzilla/Voltron/Lost movie are well, just conspiracy theories.

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