TMNT Sequel: 70% Chance

TMNT made over $92 million worldwide and untold amounts on dvd, yet cost only $34 million to make. So why wouldn't the studio want to make a sequel? Mirage Studios' Steve Murphy says the idea is becoming a little more likely:

As of two weeks ago Imagi Entertainment (the TMNT movie animation studio) informed Mirage Studios that there was a 50-50 chance of a CGI film sequel. Last week they upped the odds to 70-30 in favor of a sequel, as talks between Imagi and their distribution partners Warner Brothers and the Weinstein Group seem to be heading in a positive direction...

Let's just hope that they up the maturity level of the sequel a bit. I liked the pop culture flashback trip, but wasn't a fan of all the stupid stone monsters and things from other dimensions. Can't we return to the Shredder?