Germany Bans Bryan Singer Film Shoot Due To Tom Cruise's Scientology

Germany has barred Bryan Singer and company from shooting at a German military site because the film's star Tom Cruise is a Scientologist. The German government does not recognize as a church. According to THR, Berlin says Scientology masquerades as a religion to make money, a charge Scientology leaders reject. The movie, Valkyrie is based on true events, and tells the story of a scheme hatched by German Generals to assassinate Adolph Hitler at the height of World War II. Descendants of Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg have also been vocal about Tom Cruise being cast for the lead role, fearing that the story will be turned into "propaganda" for the actor's Scientology beliefs."

Like Cruise, or hate him. Like Scientology, or hate it. You have to admit, Germany has still not learned tolerance. To not allow the film to shoot because of the lead star's religion is ridiculous. I actually looked at my computer's calendar to make sure the year was still 2007 and not 1934.